About Saturday Night|SAMW Day 3



I really had the best intentions of calling this series of posts ‘About Last Night’, but that only really works if you manage to post the blog the day after the night it’s about, doesn’t it? Day three of SAMW was on Saturday … and today’s Monday, so that’s all been quite a fail (great blogging there, Bianca).

Anyway, on Saturday I made my way back to the stadium for the final day of shows. I’ve just calculated that I’ve spent a total of 16.5 hours at the stadium this weekend and because of who I am as a person, also had long conversations with the security guards and now feel very confident that they would welcome me back with open arms. Basically the Cape Town Stadium and everyone in it are my new best friends, you guys.

After applying my make up outside in the parking lot like a real classy lady, I made my way inside for the first show which was a presentation by the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) and kicked off with a performance by local band, The Plastics. Here’s a fun fact for you, I play an awkward 80s teen with a teased side pony at the top of my head in one of their music videos. Casual music video girl (I only feature for like two seconds, but that’s not the point).


Siv Ngesi, Kia Johnson, Carl Wastie and Bailey Schneider were a few of the local celebs that took to the runway in support of the Fashion to Live For campaign which saw a handful of designers creatively use a life jacket as the base of a unique runway look.

15b_SAMW_SDR_7141_NSRI_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_7181_NSRI_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_7259_NSRI_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_7305_NSRI_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_7331_NSRI_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_7397_NSRI_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_7761_NSRI_w580_h387


Day three was full of big names that I was dying to see but also offered amazing collections by up and coming designers from across the continent.

Palse Homme by designer Paledi Segapo was a definite standout for me. The collection was full of crisp whites with floral lace accents and bold burgundy stripes. Also, the models had gold beards you guys! I’m not much of a beard girl, but I could work with a glitzy, gold jawline (texts boyfriend: ‘This weekend we’re painting your beard gold – don’t ask questions, it’s happening!’).

15b_SAMW_SDR_7777_PalseHomme_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_8187_PalseHomme_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_8174_PalseHomme_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_7820_PalseHomme_w387_h58015b_SAMW_SDR_8262_PalseHomme_w580_h387

Kim Gush, one of my absolute favourite local designers was up next. The all black collection was right up my alley (I’d honestly only wear black if I could) and featured leather, cut outs and crop tops. I know it’s menswear, but I want it all.


15b_SAMW_SDR_8990_KSDRush_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_9006_KSDRush_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_9051_KSDRush_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_9089_KSDRush_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_9192_KSDRush_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_9256_KSDRush_w580_h387

Design duo Deeva van der Merwe and Sarah Wocknitz of Merwe Mode  brought us an aquatic print party with fishy features in their designs. Lightweight, loose fabrics and muted sea green tones made for a stellar collection.


Orange Culture by Adebayo Oke-Lawal of Nigeria brought us a collection of re-envisioned seventies classics. Bell bottom pants, groovy prints, organza and models walking down the runway with decorative flowers in their mouths are what made this collection cool for the summer.

15b_SAMW_SDR_0109_OrangeCulture_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_0177_OrangeCulture_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_0258_OrangeCulture_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_0404_OrangeCulture_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_0551_OrangeCulture_w580_h386 15b_SAMW_SDR_0577_OrangeCulture_w580_h386Photography/SDR Photo/Simon Deiner  

And that’s that for South African Menswear Week 2015!

ICYMI, you can catch my Day One and Day Two highlights here & here.



About The Other Night|SAMW Day 2

b4NVJzxUOkay, so I’m nice and tired. I may not be a secret man but I am definitely a secret granny, and two days in a row without my electric blanket pre-heating by 9pm is taking its toll on my inner 65 year old.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to pop up in the background of many peoples’ photos ugly yawning. If you do happen to spot me mouth agape, please friends, don’t feel compelled to tag me. The internet already has far too much embarrassing imagery with my name attached to it floating around.

While I may have been yawning, Friday night was far from boring (hey, I rhymed!). For one thing, I was seated next to that guy from Eastern Mosiac and had a massive light and camera positioned directly opposite me for the entirety of a show. Needless to say, my tendency towards unflattering facial expressions had me chanting “don’t pull a Chrissy Teigan” to myself  all through the show.

Day two showcased some of my favourite collections yet. I’d go as far as saying that menswear design has been a lot stronger than offerings from South African women’s wear designers of late. All I want is for these collections to be made with some extra butt space so that I can have them.

Orange is the new black for Oath by Rich Mnisi. The collection’s bright tangerine tones interspersed between tailored monochrome suits, cuffed culotte-inspired pants and mesh was received well by the fash pack. I loved the playful use of texture and the striped suit and coat combo made my heart skip a beat.


15b_SAMW_SDR_5437_RichMnisi_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_5554_RichMnisi_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_5621_RichMnisi_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_5660_RichMnisi_w580_h387Photography/SDR Photo/Simon Diener 

Lukhanyo Mdingi, one of Menswear Week’s most anticipated designers didn’t disappoint with a sea of slouchy navy. Styled with witchy hats by Crystal Birch, the collection saw loose silhouettes, pleats, sheer and sheeny fabrics and even knee highs (yes, as in those pantyhose that are trying to be socks) – they’re not just for old ladies anymore.


15b_SAMW_SDR_5691_LukhanyoMdingi_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_5794_LukhanyoMdingi_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_5862_LukhanyoMdingi_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_5978_LukhanyoMdingi_w580_h387Photography/SDR Photo/Simon Diener 

Angolan fashion house, Projecto Mental, were definite standouts both in their unique showcasing and fantastic fashion. Entering the showroom we were greeted by washing lines hung above the runway. The lights dimmed and out came designer Tekasala Ma’at Nzinga – not with any models or anything – just him and a washing basket, super casual.


Next, from the entrance of the showroom two long-legged ladies in rollers, gowns and skyscraper heels made their way up the runway with all kinds of attitude. They had a bit of a screaming match in a language I couldn’t quite identify and then promptly kicked people out of their front row seats so that they could sit down.

This was no average fashion show. The music picked up, a mix of eclectic African beats and house that was so infectious it had even the most frowny fashion F/Rowers tapping their feet. Some of us had a full on wiggle before realising that we should probably be paying attention to the runway looks and not getting down to the beat. By some of us I may or may not mean me – that music was good, okay!

So remember all that washing I was talking about? Turns out, it wasn’t just there for show. Hung on the lines were pieces of the collection and as models would come out, Tekasala would use pieces from the washing lines and baskets to finish styling the look before sending it down the runway.

15b_SAMW_SDR_6648_ProjectoMental_w580_h386 15b_SAMW_SDR_6699_ProjectoMental_w580_h387The collection itself was a fantastic play on the classic suit. The re-envisioned man in a suit wears bold colour combinations, two toned pieces and doesn’t shy away from a little bit of print.

15b_SAMW_SDR_6784_ProjectoMental_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_6834_ProjectoMental_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_6917_ProjectoMental_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_7050_ProjectoMental_w387_h580 15b_SAMW_SDR_7076_ProjectoMental_w580_h386 (1)Photographs/SDR Photo/Simon Diener 

What I Wore:

Having learnt my lesson about just how cold Cape Town stadium gets at night, I opted for a big old coat for day two. I paired the mustardy piece with burgundy lips, a monochrome alphabet print skirt and black fitted polar neck.

edit edit2Photographs/Charlize Davids 

Coat – Vintage

Polar neck, skirt and boots – Mr Price

Bag – Forever New

About Last Night|SAMW Day 1



Last night I took a break from the sloth life I’ve been living (winters are for snuggly blankets and series, people) and headed out to the first night of South African Menswear Week at the Cape Town Stadium. Now I know what you’re thinking, “But Bianca, what are you even doing at Menswear Week, are you like … a secret man?”

First of all, that’s a very offensive question for you to be thinking, and secondly; no, I most definitely am not (although the prospect of peeing where ever I’d like does often make me wish I was a secret man).

To answer your question, I’m at menswear week for the delicious specimens that are male models work.

Menswear week is a pretty new concept here in South Africa and a massive step in the right direction for the local fashion industry as it facilitates the promotion and development of menswear in the African continent, something that had previously been majorly lacking.

The three day event which will showcase the latest collections in Spring/Summer menswear kicked off last night at the Cape Town Stadium, a venue which exudes masculinity in its concrete composition and bold architecture.

Some stand outs were definitely:

Jenevieve Lyons  who opened the show with alabaster print in muted, neutral tones and brought a nomadic feel to the collection as models took to the runway carrying sticks (who doesn’t love a bit of caveman aesthetic, am I right ladies?).


IMG_1661 IMG_1691 IMG_1701Images by thatskattie.com 

Next up was a little urban jungle action by Augustine. Keeping in tune with the neutral colour scheme, designer Justine August’s latest collection is an incorporation of urban sportswear, with the return of the seventies shorty shorts, and safari chic.


IMG_1740 IMG_1755 IMG_1792Images by thatskattie.com

A definite crowd-pleaser, FMBCJ by Craig Jacobs was all kinds of tribal fabulous. Models in full face paint took to the runway in bold tribal patterns and drop crotch pants. We also saw a re-envisioning of the structured blazer, dresses for men and mesh but the real wow factor came along when models stopped mid-runway and stripped (yes please!) to turn tops inside out and zip open bags which magically transformed into jackets. Reverse wear is in, people!

IMG_1901 IMG_2029 IMG_2045Images by thatskattie.com 

Finally (and I do mean finally, after a 1.5 hour delay in showtime), and possibly my favourite collection of the night, Maxhosa by Laduma combined monochrome and bold print on print for their Spring/Summer collection adding bursts of block colours in between. I loved the strong influence of geometric print throughout the collection and that it too incorporated the reversible wear trend that’s been popping up.

IMG_8177 IMG_8197 IMG_8170 IMG_8171Images by Bianca Hartel (yes I know that’s me, but it felt weird to type “images by me”) 

And that’s that! Looking forward to see what Day 2 has in store.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter (both @biancahartel) for live updates.


My Monthlies| June


Alright, before we all get excited (and/or disgusted) thinking that this post is going to be some sort of revealing look into my menstrual cycle a la #LiveTweetYourPeriod, let it be known that My Monthlies is not actually about my monthlies (I just decided to name it that because I am a saucy individual, obviously). Anyway, as much as I’m sure that you all are dying to know the details of that monthly delight, I thought that instead I’d share some things that brought me actual delight this month and didn’t have me in the foetal position, demanding large slabs of chocolate whilst crying at that DialDirect ad where the little boy does all the chores so his mom will have time to go to his school play (just me? … Oh, okay).

How about we just get into it before I scar us all with more awkward period stories?

This month I’ve been loving:

Essence How To Make Brows Wow Kit 

brows wow 2

It’s no secret that I’m a self-confessed brow girl. I mean, I wrote a whole post on my unadulterated love affair with the furry fellows. Fact of the matter is that I  love a good bold brow and as much as it may seem that I am the possessor of the beautifully crafted facial furs arched above my eyes, sadly that is not the case. My natural brows tend to sparse out towards the ends and the left one is particularly patchy (I still don’t quite know what I could have done to offend those hairs right off my face, never to return *cue more hormonal sobbing*). That being said, my brows know their way around fillers and this nifty little brow kit is by far one of the best I’ve ever used.

The kit contains three shades of eyebrow powders, one for blondes, one for brunettes and one for the inbetweenies. The powder itself is a great consistency that is both long lasting as well as completely natural-looking. The kit also comes with a highlighter which, applied along the brow bone, does wonders and adds definition to the brow and facial structure.

Proof that I really do love the things I feature in these posts: most of them have unsightly holes in them because I use them so much.

Proof that I really do love the things I feature in these posts: most of them have unsightly holes in them because I use them so much.

Brows wow 4

Finally, a mini tweezer and double-ended applicator brush are included. Now, I’m going to be honest and say that the little tweezer is pretty much useless. It’s far too tiny to do any real shaping, but is perfect for grabbing that one rogue hair (with a bit of effort). The applicator with it’s firm-but-not-uncomfortably-hard bristles (for applying the eyebrow filler) on the one end and spongey bit on the other (for applying the highlighter) are great, especially the bristley part which works just as well as any expensive Angled Brush and holds the product well while allowing for effortless shaping.

The kits retail for R115.50 and can be picked up at your local Dischem or (if you’re lucky) Clicks pharmacy.

Rubi Cosmetics Nail Varnishes 

rubi 2

I’m big on nail polish. Think about it, when last have you seen my nails naked? I picked up a couple of these polishes by Rubi (a sister brand to the Cotton On group) a while back and have been loving these shades for winter. “Grey” and “Mint” (Yep, that’s literally what they’re called) have been firm favourites and I’ve been reaching for them over and over this month. While Rubi’s lackluster polish names are a bit of a disappointment (I mean who doesn’t love a cheeky nail polish name?), the products are far from it. The polishes are quick-drying and the opaqueness of the formula means that I can get away with just one coat if I’m a bit pressed for time. I can go for just under a week without any major chippage (sans topcoat ’cause I’m rebellious like that) and a little longer on the odd occasion that I do happen to apply a good topcoat. Not bad for 50 bucks a pop, I’d say.


Rubi Nail Varnishes retail for R49.00 and are available at most Cotton On stores.

Guess Dare Perfume 

Dare 1

I’d never really associated Guess with perfume to be perfectly honest. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s not exactly one of those brands that has you drowning yourself reaching for the Tester bottle in Edgars. I was lucky enough to snag a bottle of this scent when I attended the Cosmo Jeans Fashion Show a few weeks back and it’s not half bad. In fact, it’s pretty darn delicious!

Dare 2

The glass bottle is simple and elegant and features rose gold detailing which complements the rosy pink colouring of the perfume. The scent itself is of a florally-woody-musk composition and while sweet, is not overwhelming, allowing it to work well as a transitional scent that can be worn across seasons.

Guess Dare Eau De Toilette 100ml is available for purchase online through Zando here at R595.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 120 ‘Cutting Edge’


This isn’t the first time I’ve featured this lipstick on the blog, I am absolutely obsessed with bold lips at the moment and this stunning plum colour is both edgy and chic and so easy to pull off. I wear it with just about everything and it has literally been living in my handbag since I got it. The colour is really rich and the lipstick glides on smoothly and is not drying in spite of its matte look.


Its packaging might be unassuming but this lipstick sure does pack a punch, it has great staying power and I love that I’m not constantly having to re-apply or worry about whether or not I have a creepy clown outline around my mouth after eating.

Pick it up for R89.95 at Clicks.

Clicks 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Wipes 

wipes 1

Here’s the thing about me and make up; I love wearing it but absolutely loathe taking it off. I hate how expensive make up remover is, I hate having to use 5 cotton pads to get it all off, I hate that my eyes get all burny, but most of all I hate it because I’m lazy. I find the whole process exhausting, and so unnecessary when I’m just going to hit my face up with the full cleanse, tone and moisturiser straight after anyway.

Yeah I know facial wipes aren’t the greatest but they get my eyeliner off and when my main objective is not waking up with a raccoon face, that’s pretty darn okay for R26.99.

You can buy them at Clicks, obviously.

Oh So Heavenly Creme Oil Collection Caring Body Cream in Pomegranate & Rosehip Oil 

Oh so heavenly 1

It is very important to me to smell delicious at all times. Honestly, I do not feel like I am fulfilling my life’s duties unless I am leaving a delicious scent of deliciousness in my wake. This means that I am really particular about things like shower gel and body lotion because well … deliciousness is key. I have always been a fan of The Body Shop and have been using (and adoring) their body butters for ages but they’re not exactly the cheapest and my student budget doesn’t always allow for R120 lotions. Being a little strapped for cash this month, I dragged myself away from The Body Shop and into Clicks’ lotion aisle in search of an alternative that would compromise on price but not deliciousness.

The pretty pearly packaging drew me in but it was the utterly yummy smell that had me skipping to the tills. I have no idea what a rosehip is but combined with pomegranate it really makes for a calming and luxurious scent. The lotion is super moisturising too and the scent lingers long after you’ve massaged it into the skin.

It’s such a steal as well for just R24.99!

Is there anything you’ve been loving this month? Tell me about your monthlies (no, not your monthlies man. I mean, I suppose you could tell me about those too … if you reeeeaaally wanted to) in the comments below 🙂


The Young and the Breastless

There I was, about to approach the checkout point at the Engen One Stop with my (ridiculously) overpriced milk, making the same mental note I do every week: “Just make a shopping list, Bianca, you can’t keep paying R30 for garage milk” when suddenly my train of thought was interrupted …

You’re a nice tall girl, hey? How old are you, 16?”

“Okay Sir, 16? Really?”(I didn’t actually say this of course, I’m far too polite to outwardly express my irritation towards people).

While many women may find remarks of this nature to be quite the compliment, I can’t say that I was particularly pleased by this gentleman’s inquiry into my age late on a Thursday afternoon. This was partly due to the fact that I hadn’t had my (very necessary) afternoon cuppa and am in no way looking to be assumed to be the same age as my little brother, but mostly because I knew exactly why this stranger had assumed that I was on the wrong end of puberty as opposed to being a fully grown (at least I hope so, goodness knows my clothing budget cannot handle another growth spurt) adult woman.

You see, as this was just a little dash up the road for emergency milk, I had made no effort to enhance my appearance. No make-up, no shoes, no boobs. By this of course I mean that I had stepped out sans brassiere, as one would say if one were trying to be posh (which I am).

Now before we all go ahead and assume that I am some sort of uncivilised specimen that walks into garage shops boobs-a-blazing, let it be known that I am decidedly flat-chested and that even if I wanted to, it would take a small army’s worth of push ‘n plunge bra sponge to make even a feeble attempt at any sort of above mentioned ‘blaze’.

I had realised my flat-chested fate at a young age. While all my friends’ cups were bursting with womanhood, mine were just sort of hanging on for dear life in an attempt not to ride up around my neck. Besides the risk of potential death by bra strangulation, I had never felt that my status as a 34AA was anything to linger on. That is until I discovered the power of a good push up bra.

It’s no secret that boobs are great, I mean they make food for babies. How many body parts can you say that about? But this isn’t exactly what they’re most praised for. Breasts are society’s way of recognising womanliness and while this is true from an anatomical perspective, breasts are inherently a female trait, far more attention is given to their status as a symbol of sexiness than it is to the former.

As much as I believe that breasts aren’t all that important further than their cow-like abilities, I must admit that life is just a little nicer on the days I opt to bring out the extra padding. My age is never questioned in garage shops for one thing and I seem far more likely to be on the receiving end of random acts of kindness. Dashing young men open doors for me, I get catcalled and complimented a lot more and sometimes even score a free coffee. It’s like my (let’s be honest, mostly sponge constructed) boobs are flashing beacons, pointing the world to my existence.

Perhaps this is all coincidental, that on some days people are just nicer than they are on others, or perhaps I just exude more confidence on days when I wear pretty push ups. Either way it’s quite safe to say that some days I tend to be treated differently than I do on others and while it would be fairly impossible to pin this treatment on the absence or presence of my breasts (albeit just an illusion thereof constructed by a fancy bra), after a week of testing the theory, it sure does feel that way.

Of course simply paying more attention to how you are treated in relation to the type of bra you’re wearing is no way to conduct any sort of social experiment. In spite of being completely and (especially) scientifically inconclusive, it has allowed me to come to some sort of personal revelation: I place just as much emphasis on the ‘power’ of breasts as society does. On days when I didn’t feel like attracting attention I’d wear sports bras, completely diminishing any trace of my breasts, but when I thought I looked particularly good I’d make an effort to wear a really good push up bra.


Because just like society I’ve been conditioned to thinking of my boobs as beacons of beauty that either add or subtract from my physical appearance; which is just as sad as paying R30 for a litre of milk.

Maybe next time, fella ;)

Maybe next time, fella 😉

Trials and Tinderations

IMG_6480You know that saying, “curiosity killed the cat”? Well, me? I am that cat. The stubborn tabby kind that, all too knowingly, tries to jump the building even though she saw all the other cats fall on their furry behinds. Not that I’d ever attempt to jump a building, I’m far too boring for anything like that, plus I have a crippling fear of heights (a rather ironic fate for a person hovering in the 6ft tall range), and an aversion to suicidal tendencies. Okay, so maybe the cat analogy wasn’t the best way to go, but the point is I’m obnoxiously curious at the best of times and, unlike most of the population, I have no problem admitting it.

You see, I suffer from an immense fear of missing out on things. No, really. I feel actual physical anxiety at the thought of not having experienced something that the masses are raving about. There is a reason FOMO has been declared an actual thing; that reason is people like me.

My self-diagnosed (because I don’t quite think my doctor would take me seriously if I went to her in seek of a certificate to excuse me from work because I need to go do that thing everyone is doing) fear of missing out has seen me enter into quite a few er, uncouth, situations; cue the horrifying flashbacks of the fuzzy handcuffs and R400 dildos from the time I just had to satisfy my curiosity about Adult World. In spite of that emotionally scarring interesting experience, here I am, once again about to embark on a journey of great discovery (and likely disgust).

That journey?


This should probably be the part where I point out that I have no real reason to be joining an app that promises to be “a fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you”. I barely even like people and with this app’s geolocation technology, which ensures that potential matches are actually within your radius, and the fluorescent-vested, catcalling construction men currently located on either side of my house; I can confidently say that I definitely don’t like the people around me. But alas, the prospect of potentially running into my neighbour’s plumber or, God forbid, my actual neighbour (#awkward) on a reputably sleazy hook-up app was not enough to fight off my FOMO.

Having convinced myself (my parents and my boyfriend) that it is completely normal to want to enter a realm of sexually-fuelled, superficial swipes just for the sake of seeing what all the fuss is about, I took to the Android Play Store. But of course, being of the technologically challenged nature, the process of finding the app store on my phone was a daunting task in its own respect, never mind the actual Tinder installation process. Which now, upon reading that sentence, makes it seem about as complicated as trying to rewire a house.

It (being Tinder and not a house in need of electrical repairs) works like this:

You, a lonely student/sexy single/misbehaving married person/daring divorcee/old paedophile (select appropriate category), decide that it’s time to get back in the (maybe not so) proverbial saddle (given the less-than-wholesome image of the ‘dating’ app). Unless you fall into the same category as yours truly, the not-lonely-not-single-not-married-not-divorced-not-old FOMO sufferer with a slightly different agenda.

With your newly discovered agenda, a quest for love/sex/friendship/FOMO appeasement (select appropriate category), it is time to tackle the aforementioned downloading process. In order to save you the time and annoyance of constructing a full online dating profile wherein you diligently declare how much you love long walks on the beach, Tinder uses your Facebook profile to establish your name, age and location, as well as garner your interests based on your ‘likes’- the thought of which is enough to illicit every possible kind of regret over my rampant liking of all the Kardashian’s fan pages back in 2009 (it was a phase okay!).

In all honesty, it was at this point where the uncertainty and general feelings of idiocy began creeping in. This wasn’t just some social experiment I could conduct under the guise of a carefully thought out fake profile (Brittney, age 22, dolphin lover with a butterfly tattoo on her ankle), this was real life. My life, and as soon as I hit the ‘accept terms and conditions’ button, there I’d be – 20 year old Bianca from Cape Town with the embarrassing Kardashian obsession – on Tinder (gulp).

Despite my reservations, I had come too far and spent way too much data downloading this app to turn around now. I put my number into the bar for verification, held my breath, and pressed send.

“An error has occurred while requesting a token for SMS Verification.”

(Exhales in sigh of relief).

Looks|Something Fishy


Okay, I’m just going to say it. Hair ties/hair bands/pom poms/ (pick your poison) are afraid of me. I know what you’re thinking, “but Bianca, no man, they’re not real”. Well I’m sorry, but the fact that last weekend I had a pack of 40 hair bands and that I’m now sitting here looking like a loose-haired lunatic after having conducted a house-wide search leads me to believe otherwise. Those little buggers are very much alive and well, and they’ve all run away as part of their mission to slowly ruin my life.

I’m not too sure what exactly I’ve done to offend the pom pom population, but there is definitely some sort of boycott going on. Maybe it’s because I sometimes allow for little balls of hair to build up around them and they feel smothered? Or perhaps they just get homesick and run away back to the person I’ve stolen borrowed them from?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that my constant lack of pom pom rarely allows me to try anything new with my hair. A quick glance at some of my other look posts will show you that my hair knows three ‘styles’:

  • Loose and straight
  • Loose and curled
  • Loose and frizzy

Thrilling, right?

Needless to say when my hair was prettily done up in a fish plait for some work I did earlier this week I couldn’t resist getting a few shots. Because, let’s face it, my track record with hair ties pretty much guarantees that we’re never going to see any sort of plait happen on my head again.









 Shot on location at The Findlay Residence by Emma Strumpman 


Pom poms stolen borrowed from Ali Findlay (they’ve run away too, in case you were wondering)

Black t-shirt dress – Woolworths

Grey box top – Woolworths 

Black knitted stockings – Woolworths 

Neckpiece – Forever21 

Boots – Merian Hall at Edgars

Handbag – Forever New 

Leather look jacket – China Town 

Lipstick – Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 120 ‘Cutting Edge’ (available at Clicks)

Fashion Fix |MBFWJ

This past week has seen me blow through an exorbitant amount of mobile data. The “omg its not even the middle of the month and I only have 24mb of my bundle left” kind of exorbitant amount of mobile data. This is not a drill, people. Its very possible that I’ll be off the grid and uncommunicatable (just accept my made up words, okay) by Wednesday and its all Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg’s fault.

The annual event took place last week from the 5th-7th of March at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg and literally had me frothing with envy as I sat in lectures (sorry Martha, Wallace & Litheko, I promise I’ll pay attention in your classes this week) obsessively scrolling and double tapping as my Instagram feed filled up with live shots from the shows.

To make myself feel better about my looming datalessness and the anticipated disapproving looks from my lecturers, I thought I’d share some of my favourite looks from the collections shown at MBFWJ, that way, we can all (yes that includes you Martha, Wallace & Litheko) understand why I’ll very likely be a lonely hermit for the rest of the month who can’t post any selfies or receive any Whatsapps *tear*.

Stefania Morland

The brand, which first opened its doors in 2005, has been a longtime favourite of mine for its design ethos: “unique, playful pieces that remain classic and timeless”. Having always taken interest in their work, I’ve found that above all what I love the most is the wear-ability of what they put on the runway. This year was no different as Stefania showed pops of colour, monochrome and playful mixtures of pattern and texture.

image_1425587187 image_1425587262 image_1425633624 image_1425649866 image_1425650870 image_1425651406 image_1425651785 image_1425652939Tsotetsi KL 

I’ll be the first to admit that prior to my rampant stalking of AFI’s Instagram page and posts of the shows at Joburg Fashion Week, I literally had no idea who/what/how to pronounce Tsotetsi KL, but good grief they had me at their flared midi-skirts and velvety goodness.

image_1425578955 image_1425630281 image_1425638399 image_1425638666 image_1425638818



My response to this collection? I’ll take 2 of everything. Lumin, a relative unknown designer is sure to be on the map real soon after making waves with geometric prints and bold metallic structured pieces.

image_1425591743 image_1425591781 image_1425634252 image_1425635443 image_1425635875 image_1425635986



Brain baby of Celeste Lee Arendse, a fashion design graduate of CPUT and Elle new talent finalist, Selfi has been a love of mine since its early days back in 2009. This collection uses quirky patterns and bold colours to create something truly memorable (and necessary for my cupboard).

image_1425747779 image_1425747824 image_1425747987 image_1425754434 image_1425757572 image_1425757697

NN Vintage

Nhlanhla Nciza from the well- known band, Mafikizolo, is behind this colourful line which saw many the local-celeb take to the runway in the African-inspired couture. I loved the mix of shoulder drama and colourful patterns. That monochrome 2 piece with the lumo yellow coat = life.

image_1425750517 image_1425750831 image_1425752179 image_1425752565Gavin Rajah 

Latest copy-cat controversy aside, I loved the delicate girlyness and elegant feel of this Rajah collection. Its all just so pretty and the fact that its actually available for purchase on Spree makes my heart simultaneously happy and sad (because student budget). image_1425662101 image_1425663609 image_1425663767 image_1425663892 image_1425676080 image_1425676112

David Tlale 

It comes with no great surprise that Tlale owned fashion week with this collection and had everyone up on their feet in a standing ovation. While opting for slightly more muted tones, Tlale’s attention to detail and the simple elegance of the pieces are what did it for me with this collection. All I want in life is to be able to wear a furry bube tube a-la the finale dress. image_1425732803 image_1425733612 image_1425733806 image_1425733886 image_1425734583 image_1425735567 image_1425736643 image_1425736894 image_1425737050 image_1425737145


So you see, Martha, Wallace & Litheko, I really did have a good reason to be pretend-listening in class last week 😉

All images sourced from AFI.com 

Looks|Full of Shirt

headerThere is no greater satisfaction than being able to stuff three grown men into a car with a boot-load of clothing, having said men drive 14 meters around the corner, and then making them take photos of you alongside a random road. Okay, maybe the road wasn’t that random. It might have been the end result of a(n) exhausting activity involving driving around at 10 kilometers an hour for 40 minutes fun group adventure fondly known as location scouting (which may or may not have involved me shouting saying things like, “no not here its too leafy/roady/sandy/car-y/peopley” and “stop the car, I have to test the light”).

This, dear friends, is what some might call being full of an expletive that just so happens to sound an awful lot like the focus item of these looks – (a) shirt.

Admittedly I have always been a little picky, be it about the people I choose to associate with, the colour vegetables I choose to eat (I’m sorry but I will forever find orange vegetables ughy) or the clothing I wear, I just like things a certain way. Its kinda how I like my grapes seedless, I won’t eat them unless I know for certain there are no grape sperms hidden somewhere inside. I’m the same way about clothing, I won’t buy something unless I know for certain I can wear it at least 52 different ways (because, as its already been established numerous times on this blog, I am the biggest cheapskate).

I created these looks (and a few more which we didn’t shoot on account of me taking pity on my male accomplices who would probably rather have been doing anything else) using the same basic black shirt and wedge booties throughout, both of which were purchased rather inexpensively at chain stores. Swopping between a black midi skirt and chino-coloured jeggings, I created two completely different looks which are both functional and fashionable, adding gold accents to finish the them off.

Okay, I’m done talking about vegetables now (I don’t know why that happened either), you can proceed to the part with the pictures.

Full 1

pants 1


Neckpiece 1



jacket 2

Jacket Full


stand 1

smiilePhotographed on location in a random street by Tawfeeq & Juneid Petersen (mostly because I forced them to do it).


Basic Black Shirt – Mr Price

Wedged Ankle Booties – Ackermans

Black Midi Skirt – Mr Price 

Chino Jeggings – RE at Woolworths 

Denim Jacket – Cotton On 

Leopard Print Handbag – Mr Price

Black Handbag – Studio W at Woolworths 

Neckpieces – Both gifted



5 Things All Social Media Junkies Know To Be True

There are certain things in life that just can’t be denied, me being completely and utterly obsessed with social media is one of them. You being completely and utterly obsessed with social media is another one of them. No, no don’t even try, we all know the only reason you’re even reading this blog post is because I shamelessly shared it on every social media platform known to man and your inner social media junkie can’t not click on a link.

So now that we’ve established that we’re all unequivocally obsessed with our phones/tablets/laptops and the magical wonderland that is the internet, lets take a minute to embrace this phenomenon together with 5 Things All Social Media Junkies (yes, that’s us) Know To Be True: 

1. It Is A Truth Universally Acknowledged, That A Person In Possession Of A Smartphone Must Be In Want Of WiFi

Firstly, how on point was my play on words right there? All up and on that Jane Austen, not going to lie I’m phenomenally proud of myself right now (insert ‘I-just-swagged-out-a-Jane-Austen-quote-like-a-boss’ dance here). But lets not beat about the bush here people; we all know that places with WiFi are always  instantly better than those without. Its just like how we kinda, sorta like our friends with WiFi just a teensy little bit more that we do the rest (just me? Well that got awkward really quickly). Its nothing personal of course, its just that my heart feels physical pain every time I have to select the ‘mobile data’ option on my phone, its a serious tragedy to both my health and my wallet.


But Sir, why is that your hair? (secretly not complaining though 'cause I laughed forever at this)

But Sir, why is that your hair? (secretly not complaining though ’cause I laughed forever at this)



2. People Almost Always Think You’re Pooping When You Go To The Loo 

The toilet is one of the few places one can go to relax, find inner peace and troll the internet for pictures of Zac Efron shirtless reading a book without being judged. This is all fine and dandy until you realise that you accidentally sat there with your pants down for 40 minutes and have now unconsciously ventured into poop town even though all you did was a quick, innocent little pee (and a thorough stalk sesh of Zac and/or bae).




3. Loadshedding is Slowly Ruining Your Life

Look, we all have our qualms about the electricity situation Eskom’s dragged us (kicking and screaming) into, but it goes without saying that your qualms are exponentially higher when you are self-admittedly obsessed with the internet. You know that pain in my heart we talked about earlier? Loadshedding gives about 24 of those pains, all at once.

Me when I forgot to charge my devices in preparation for the trip back to the stone age and my heart pains automatically increase to 261.

Me, when I forgot to charge my devices in preparation for the trip back to the stone age and my heart pains automatically increase to 261.

4. You Have A Mild Panic Attack When You Wake Up And Your Phone Isn’t Snuggling Next To Your Face Where It Belongs

Your phone has a special place in your heart and like all such things (dogs, teddybears, chocolate), that translates to a special place on your bed (among the dogs, teddybears, chocolate). There is nothing worse than groggily reaching over for your morning scroll and realising that your phone isn’t in its spot. Thought you needed another 5 minutes in bed? Not anymore. Cue the crazy-eyed, frantic search through your bedding and the moment of sheer joy when you find it.


5. 11th Like Syndrome

The act of constantly refreshing your Instagram feed in violent anticipation of the illustrious 11th like. This act may be accompanied by a silent prayer, the editing in of an unsightly #likeforlike hashtag, and in extreme circumstances a quick Whatsapp to your best friend (girl, go like my selfie man).